St Mary's Church 

St Mary's Church Newton Valence

St Mary's Church

There is a record of a church in Newton Valence in the Domesday Book, but the present building’s earliest features date from the 13th century. Outside the church is a yew tree which is thought to be between 1,000 and 1,400 years old. The Church is open every day for visitors for quiet reflection. There are a number of features and points of interest in the Church.

Church services are held every Sunday at 9.30 am.  There are a mix of services to suit all tastes, including Holy Communion, a monthly Matins service, and a variety of Village services which are held approximately every three months. The Church is run by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), which meets four times a year.

The church tower is one of the few in the area to have six bells, as a result of a project in 2022 to refurbish the church bells and bell frame.  A sixth bell was added to the five restored bells at this time.

The bells and frame were last refurbished in 1871. The oldest bell is the treble bell cast in 1560 by William Knight of Reading and the youngest is the tenor bell which was cast in 1880 by John Warner & Sons – this tenor bell weighs an impressive 508kg. The treble bell is very rare and one of only 5 remaining in Hampshire by this maker.

The bells are rung by a dedicated team of bell ringers before the service on the second Sunday of each month, and at other times throughout the year for special services and weddings
The church is available for events such as weddings, christenings and funeral, please contact Rev Carrie Walshaw or Rev Lesley Leon for more information.’

Contact Numbers

Northanger Benefice Clergy

Assistant Priest:                   Rev'd Carrie Walshaw   Tel. 01420 511706
Associate Priest:                  Rev'd Lesley Leon            Tel. 01730 268509
Churchwarden:                     Anthony Marten                 Tel. 01420 588336
PCC Secretary/Safeguarding Officer:          Sue Harrington               Tel. 01420 587430

Church Services

Sunday Services
23 June        9.30 Morning Prayer
30 June       No service in NV
30 June       18.00 Evening Prayer Colemore
   1 July   16.00 Tea Time Service at Selborne
14 July    9.30 Holy Communion
21 July    18.00 Evening Prayer
28 July   9.30 Morning Prayer

Current Projects

Missing Triptych

An old Triptych that has been missing from the church for many years has recently been discovered hidden away in the tower behind the church clock. No one knows why it was originally put there, or moved from its place behind the altar, but it has now been reinstalled in its rightful position for all to see

New Services

Over the coming months there will be a number of new services offered in the church. These will be family friendly and open to all. All services will be listed in the Church Services section and posters will be put up in advance

Forthcoming Events

Regular PCC meetings are not open to the public but once a year there is an Annual Meeting of the PCC which is open to all to attend.


 Churchyard Book. ‘The Churchyard Book has been produced by Mrs Denise Maughan following extensive research on the history of the burial records for the village churchyard. It provides a unique record of the location of most of the graves and details of those buried there from as early as 1539. With at least 1400 burials in the graveyard it makes a fascinating read for anyone interested in local and church history. The PCC holds four copies of this document, two of which can be lent out on request, please use the PCC contact form if you would like to borrow a copy for a time limited period.’

The Parish Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin - History of the Church by Rev James Anderson - copies available to purchase from the church. 

Church postcards - available to purchase from the church.

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